Skyrim: PC vs Console

Skyrim is the last release in the Elder Scrolls franchise and quite possibly the most successful one in the entire line-up. With hundreds of awards and critical acclaim, there’s no doubt that this is a great game that can be enjoyed by all gamers. The question is whether or not the game is best enjoyed on PC or console. There are arguments from both sides that are convincing, but one is definitely better than the other.

One of the biggest advantages PC gaming has over console is the free mods that can be found all over the internet along with Games to Download. Skyrim is a great game that can be enjoyed for hours and hours on end, but once you finish all of the quest lines you’re either going to stop playing the game or you’ll have to replay the same quests over again. When you’re gaming on PC you have the option to download mods that will give you new ways to play and enjoy the game. In this regard, you get a lot more playtime out of your game.

This is only a bonus since most people needs months to make it through all of the existing quests that are already in the game, but if you’re a hardcore gamer you’ll benefit from having more gameplay options. It’s also easier to install dlcs from PC than it is on console.

Something that consoles have the benefit of is their hardware. Firstly, using a controller is a lot more user intuitive than a keyboard, especially with a game like Skyrim. Combat and stealth mechanics are a real drag on a keyboard and unless you have a gaming keyboard, it’s almost impossible to comfortably play the game on a computer. Controllers make Skyrim a lot easier to play and a lot more fun to play. The second thing that consoles have that computers generally don’t is screen size. Your average flat screen TV is a lot bigger than a computer screen. There are of course exceptions for hardcore gamers who use large computer screens, but the general computer user has a rather small size compared to the size of the average television that is connected to a gaming console.

If you have a dedicated gaming computer, your loading time might be faster than on a console, but this will not be the case with a regular computer. The same goes for display. A gaming computer that has been optimized specifically for gaming will have amazing graphics, but a regular desktop computer will not have any graphics better than a console.

In conclusion, the best way to play Skyrim is on a highly optimized gaming computer. In second place is a gaming console and regular computers come in last. The hassle of playing a game like Skyrim on your regular desktop computer will take away some of the enjoyment of actually playing the game and it would be easier to just play games to download on your computer.