Check Out the Brawl Stars Download

Are you tired of being in a position where you cannot download the game that you want to play on your phone? We can understand why such a situation can make you very frustrated. You are more than happy to pay for the game, or use its in game store to purchase items that will benefit the person who came up with the game. But when you go on the App Store using your iPhone, you will notice that it does not work properly. Why is this happening? We can give you an explanation right now.

The reason why many games are not available to you is because they are region locked. You would assume that because you live in the United States or Europe, it is possible for you to download anything from the store. But that is not the case, as there are some games that are not even available in these regions. For instance, we have Brawl Stars. It is a very popular and new game that everyone is raving about. The one problem? You can only download the game if you are in Canada. And since the App Store will not allow you to install apps on your phone from third parties, you are out of options. Or so it seems.

There is always another option. If you are determined to make the Brawl Stars Download happen, we have a solution that is going to work for you without any issues. What you are going to do is go into your Apple ID profile on the App Store or through iTunes, and you will temporarily change your region to Canada. How will you do this? Simple – go on Google and find any business address that is in Canada and jot it down. Make sure you get everything, including the postal code and the phone number.

When you have all of this data, you are ready to go and change it within your Apple ID. You will put in that Canadian address and phone number, and you will save your profile. Now you are good to go. You are able to complete the download, and the region lock is not going to stop you. It is always possible that you go back to the store and change the address on your profile when you have completed the download, but that is up to you. It is not a requirement or anything like that.

This is a method that is not only going to work when you want to install Brawl Stars, but it will work with any game on the store. And it is not only something that you can do with Canada – you can do this with any country. Let us say there is a program or game you want to download and it is only available in the UK. If you are not in that country, you can use this region trick on your profile and you can still get the game or app onto your phone. It is that simple!